Our Beginning.


 I am a UMSC, Vietnam Era Veteran, located in Pierce County Washington.    As many of us do, I visit the Home Depot in Spanaway WA on a regular basis.  Over the years, I have on occasion, noticed the Flag on the roof of the building as needing attention.    

On one such occasion, one of the Management Associates,  Omar Portillo, approached me and ask if I would assist in the Retirement of the Flag.  I responded that I would be honored and we set a date and time for the event.    

Here is what was shared on Twitter  

Great story of a customer who was a veteran that was unhappy with the condition of our flag outside of the building. When the new flag came in, Omar Portillo invited him to help us retire the old one! The customer was honored!   @jenny_helme   @greenlee_kevin #4747   #doingmoreforourveterans