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This "IS" the beginning of the reunification of the Citizens of the USA

This Project is about Reclaiming (Old Glory) US Flags that should be retired and involving Veteran's in the process of collecting the flags for retirement.

By involving the community and local Vererans, out nation will be brought together as we once were decades ago.

Intended to involve Americans with no exlusions.

Everyone in the USA should  become aware of and be involved in this effort to Reclaim Respect for our FLAG and what it stands for, also to Reclaim Respect for all those that are or have fought for the FREEDOM our FLAG stands for. american flag veterans flags

Bring back America

ALL of our Veterans have provided support so that we have the right to fly this Flag, and our support of the Troops, young and old is the spirit of this project.

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The First Broadcast

What do all Americans share?

The American Flag of course.
We Sing to it.
We Swear by it.
We Display it proudly.

Our Veteran's,
Protect it.
Fight for it.
and unfortunately MANY DIE for it.

We as a Nation need to pull back together and RESPECT it.

The goal of this Project is to:
Regain respect for OUR Flag,
Regain respect for all our Veteran's No matter when they served.

How will this be accomplished?
The Boy Scouts do it very well. The BSA has been reclaiming and respectfully retiring flags for generations.
Every day while driving to and from (ANYPLACE) work, the store etc.,
take notice of OUR Flags.
Most are proudly displayed in the front of homes and businesses.
Many of them fly PROUD. Some are sad and need attention and retirement. In the old days when ALL US Flags were made of cloth it was customary to have the BSA or Veteran's burn them.
Now with so many different types of materials being used to make them, it is not always appropriate to burn (NYLON) and put pollution in our air.

Please contact us via this website to request a retirement and we will locate a Military Veteran to come and DO IT RIGHT.


Please share this with every American that you know.
This effort is just beginning.

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